Xann Inc. Abrasive Water-jet Cutting

Xann Inc.
Abrasive Water-Jet Cutting

Mission Statement:
As a small family owned and operated business since 1975 and with over 43 years experience, our size gives customers the personal attention they need. We have the tools and knowledge to create a variety of custom cut objects, ranging from, but not limited to, metal, glass, tile and wood. Whether customers have a complex or simple project need, we enjoy the challenge in giving the customer what they want at a reasonable price.

Materials that can be cut by Abrasive Water Jet:

Steel, Stone, Copper,
Aluminum, Glass, Brass,
Titanium, Ceramic, Kevlar,
Stainless, Granite, Phenolic sheets,
and many more materials.
We also do Fabrication, Welding and Sublimation.
Initial set-up cost:
Digitizing or scanning is a one time charge and is not included in the unit cost of the finished goods.
Once artwork has been set-up, it is saved and not charged for further orders.
Set-up charges can vary according to complexity and quality of original artwork.
Rates depends of the thickness of the material, type of material, and the complexity of the design.

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